Welcome on the site of promotion of guesthouses in Romania !!!

This site is intended to facilitate a direct contact between travelers and the owners of houses, and to give you a more precise idea for your holidays.
You will find a maximum of information related on housing conditions, meals, prices etc., and get some tips for activities in place or in the region.
Method of search: Choose the area or the name of locality and explore the guesthouses whose criteria are satisfactory for you.
Then, just make the reservation...
For reservation and other details, please contact directly the owners of guesthouses.
Rates are not appliable for Holidays period (Christmas, New Year, Easter).

Note: at the rubric "STRUCTURE", for room details, between brackets is presented the number and type of beds in a room.
e.g.: (1SB+1TB) means there are a single bed and a twinned bed in that room.

Important: as this a promotion site, the responsibility on the correctness of the information above and the quality of the services is exclusively assumed by the owners of the guesthouses.

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