Guesthouse CALBOREAN


The guesthouse is part of a traditional architectonic ensemble, composed of a big house with shutter windows, paved courtyard and grape arbour, a high entry wooden gate .
The murmuring river, the birds twittering, the cocks singing everything is offering an authentically rural environment, although the comfort offered by this lodging is excellent.
The owner will delight you with tasty meals, specific to the Transylvanian gastronomy. 

Places: 29

Access by car: driving from Sibiu on E81 road towards Ramnicu Valcea, at the exit of Talmaciu, turn right and continue about 3 kms up to the church in the centre Talmacel; take the right street and continue about 350 m, passing the small bridge over the local river. The house is on the left side of the street, near the river.  

  F A C I L I T I E S
    - courtyard and parking place (20 cars capacity), outdoor small swimming pool
    - central heating
    - own farm (cows, pigs)
    - outdoor wooden pavilion for dining, close to the river
    - transfer by car from Sibiu (train station or airport)
    - pets not accepted




  S T R U C T U R E
 Ground floor
4 separate bedrooms with own bathroom and color TV: C1(1DB), C2(1DB), C3(1DB), C2(2SB), terrace, 1 luxurious grit stoned floors dining room, ideal for festivities (up to 50 people), 1 modern shared bathroom
 1st floor 3 separate bedrooms: C1(1DB, own bathroom), C2(1DB), C3(2DB), 1 modern shared bathroom, hall
 2nd floor

6 separate bedrooms: C1(1DB), C2(1DB), C3(1DB+1SB), C4(2SB, can be merged into a matrimonial bed, balcony), C5(2SB, can be merged into a matrimonial bed, balcony), C6(1DB, private bathroom, balcony), 2 modern shared bathrooms, hall
 Total rooms 13
 Total places 29


SB = single bed
DB = double bed (matrimonial)
  A C T I V I T I E S
    - barbecue, bonfire and swimming in the pool
    - discover farm activities
    - playing at the billiards and table tennis
    - rides in a horse drawn cart or sleigh
    - fruits or mushrooms gathering in the woods
    - hiking
 S P O K E N  F O R E I G N  L A N G U A G E S : Spanish, English

  R A T E S 2012     C O N T A C T
 Accommodation 60 RON/room with shared bathroom
80 RON/room with own bathroom



15 RON/pers. breakfast
20 RON/pers. lunch
25 RON/pers dinner


 Str. Talmacut nr. 131, sat TALMACEL
 Oras TALMACIU , jud. SIBIU, cod 555706


00 40 (0)269 556 809

 Cell phone: 00 40 (0)729 591 014
00 40 (0)728 226 928
00 40 (0)733 078 262