A traditional house in German style with inside courtyard having a splendid view on the forested hill. It's location is very picturesque: right near Talmacel river - inside the rooms you can hear the river’s murmur. Right in front of the house there is the best drinkable water spring.
The house is decorated in a traditional style and there are a lot of flowers inside.
Your hosts are very agreeable and hospitable and the delicious meals are prepared particularly out of own products. 

Places: 8

Access by car: driving from Sibiu on road E81 towards Ramnicu Valcea, at the exit of Talmaciu, turn to the right and continue for about 3 kms. After entering Talmacel village, before the church on the hill, take on to the left and follow the river for about 50 m. The house is located opposite to the cultural club, it's the second house on the right side. The place is known locally as “Barbosa de la sipot”  

    F A C I L I T I E S
    - big courtyard with parking place
    - own farm (cows, horse, pigs, hens)
    - gas heating, beautiful terracottas
    - nice covered wooden terrace for dinner
    - own orchard and chalet about 1 km far
    - transfer by car from Sibiu (train station or airport)


    S T R U C T U R E
 Ground floor

2 separate bedrooms: C1(1EXT+2SB), C2(2EXT), hall, one shared bathroom
 Total rooms 2  
 Total places 8  


SB = single bed
EXT = extensible couch
    A C T I V I T I E S
    - discovering the farm activities
    - visit and demonstration at a plum brandy distillery
    - hiking in the surrounding area
    - visits in the village: the hydraulic water mill, discover local rural life
    - fruits collecting in the orchard
    - bonfire and barbecue
 S P O K E N  F O R E I G N  L A N G U A G E S : English, German

  R A T E S     C O N T A C T
 Accommodation 6 EUR/person



2 EUR/pers. breakfast
6 EUR/pers. lunch
4 EUR/pers dinner


 Str. Rausor nr. 287, sat TALMACEL
 Oras TALMACIU, jud. SIBIU, cod 555706


00 40 (0)269 222 178 or
00 40 (0)269 556 424

 Cell phone: 00 40 (0)723 888 419