Guesthouse CASA SUCI


A beautiful renovated house, placed off the main road, on the Sasu Valley (10m from the river). The view of the forested hills, the ripple of the river which can be heard on calm summer evenings when the sounds of the village are reduced to silence, all contributes to the so much expected relaxation during a holiday.
The only sound of the horse shoes from a cart of hay going up on the valley is disturbing this wonderful landscape.
The property disposes of a courtyard and a large orchard (about 1200sq.m.) with fruit trees which will delight the children.
The rooms are light, richly decorated, like everywhere in the region, with Maramuresan carpets made of wool painted with natural pigments.. As an addition, you will find here a nice terrace for outdoor dining, as well as a richness of flowers charming your view.
The welcoming hosts will make you remember with great pleasure this place and have some nostalgia when leaving.

Places: 13

Access by car:
from the cross road in the centre (the new church), drive opposite the church on the road longing the Sasu river for about 150m; it is the third house on the left side of the road, after the school.

    F A C I L I T I E S
    - big courtyard with parking place and orchard
    - own farm
    - wood heating, nice tiled stoves; internet access
    - meals on request (own farm products); nice open air dining place in a wooden pavilion
    - camping place in the orchard, with access to the bathroom inside the house
    - pets accepted


    S T R U C T U R E
 Ground floor

3 separate bedrooms: C1(2SB - can be merged into a matrimonial bed), C2(3SB), C3(2SB - can be merged into a matrimonial bed), C4(2SB - can be merged into a matrimonial bed)dining room decorated with carpets, color TV, 2 modern shared bathrooms, hall
 Total rooms 4
 Total places 9
 Ground floor 1 separate bedroom with own bathroom and color TV: C1(2SB), nice rich decorated modern dining room, with color TV, toilet
 1st floor 1 separate bedroom with own bathroom and terrace: C1(1DB)
 Total rooms 2
 Total places 4


SB = single bed
DB = double bed (matrimonial)
    A C T I V I T I E S
    - barbecue or bonfire
    - weaving on a traditional wooden loom demonstrations
    - festive dinner for groups (up to 15 pers.) with "ceterasi" - local traditional violin singers
    - visit the handicraftsmen in the village
    - hiking on the hills, the Sasu valley, or up to Ieud, over the beautiful pastures
    - visits in the region: the churches in Ieud, the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, the wooden churches from Iza and Mara valleys, the Village Museum in Sighet etc.
 S P O K E N  F O R E I G N  L A N G U A G E S : French

  R A T E S 2009     C O N T A C T
 Accommodation 25 RON/person



15 RON/pers. breakfast
15 RON packet lunch only
25 RON/pers. dinner


  Str. Valea Sasului nr. 335, comuna BOTIZA
  Jud. MARAMURES, cod 437065

 Phone: 00 40 (0)262 334 036
 Cell phone: 00 40 (0)726 058 940
00 40 (0)728 189 261