A beautiful house with an architecture specific to the area (turret), composed of two separated buildings.
The lodging has a beautiful terrace - the best outdoor dining place, conferring a special view towards the Danube.
The big courtyard, filled with flowers is partially shaded by a grape arbour.
The smiling and very amiable host will offer you special meals without miss, obviously, fresh fish specialities (your host is a professional fisherman).

Places: 9 

Access: from the harbour, take left down the Danube, about 650 m.

    F A C I L I T I E S
    - large courtyard, own vegetables garden
    - bicycles hiring
    - obtaining authorisations for fishing and hunting
    - transfer by motor boat from/to Tulcea
    - rowing boat hiring
    - pets accepted

    S T R U C T U R E
 Ground floor
3 bedrooms: C1(2SB), C2(2SB) looking out on the Danube (C1 and C2 with separated entrances), C3(1EXT), with separated entrance from the courtyard
 Total rooms 3
 Total places 6
 Ground floor
2 communicating bedrooms: C1(1EXT) with colour TV, looking out on the Danube, C2(1SB), 2 modern shared bathrooms with electric boiler, big hall with grit stone, living room, full equipped kitchen with a nice dining place
 Total rooms 2
 Total places 3


SB= single bed
EXT= extensible couch
    A C T I V I T I E S
    - organising fishing or hunting parties
    - circuits with a rowing boat or a motor boat
    - discovering local activities (fishing ground etc.)
    - discovering local flora and fauna, as well as bird watching
    - one day tours to Sulina harbour
    - participating to the professional industrial fishing activities
 S P O K E N  F O R E I G N  L A N G U A G E S: English, Russian

 R A T E S    C O N T A C T
 Accommodation 5 EUR/person
 Catering 2 EUR/pers. breakfast
5 EUR/pers. lunch
5 EUR/pers. dinner



3 EUR/hour pers. for rides in a rowing boat
4 EUR/hour/pers. for rides in a motor boat
25 EUR day/pers. for guided tours (guiding services included)


 Str. Principala nr. 140, comuna CRISAN
 Jud. TULCEA, Cod 827060

 Phone: 00 40 (0)240 547 077
 Cell phone:

00 40 (0)744 937 994 (for English)
00 40 (0)745 087 539