Guesthouse MARIA
CHISCAU - 1,5 kms from BEAR'S CAVE


When you're looking for a quiet place to relax far from the bustle of big towns, when you need an enjoyable company at a cold beer, when you wish for new experiences, close to nature and traditions, the guesthouse Maria is the best choice you have (it is located close to the Bear's Cave, in the village Chiscau).
The two opposite buildings, with large, lightened rooms that shine of cleanliness, are the perfect recreation place.
The whispers of the Craiasa river ("Queen's river") will accompany you while dining outside in the nut tree's shade, the village, cradle of history and traditions, will offer you an unique spectacle, the cow and buffalo herds returning from the pastures will take you back in time and your host, a skilful story teller, will reveal to you the history of the places and will help you to discover the beauties of the region.
A holiday spent at the guesthouse Maria means an original and unforgettable experience that will always call for your returning! 

Places: 8+6 

Access by car: from the entrance in Chiscau, continue for about 400m; the main guesthouse is on the left side of the road, before a left curve, and it has a signalling panel "Pensiunea Maria". The second building is opposite to the first one.

    F A C I L I T I E S
    - courtyard with parking place, garage and special place fit out for children (slide, swing, rocking-chair, mini pool)
    - private farm (cows, pigs, poultry) and apiary
    - vegetable garden, private orchard (nut trees, apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees)
    - outdoor dining place under the nut tree or the vine arbour
    - you can rent without meals
    - pets accepted in the courtyard only



    S T R U C T U R E
 Ground floor

2 separate bedrooms with colour TV: C1(1DB), C2(1DB+1SB), equipped kitchen with dining place at your disposal, 1 traditional shared bathroom, hall
 1st floor 1 separate bedroom: C1(1DB+1SB) with terrace access, hall
 Total rooms 3
 Total places 8
 Ground floor

kitchen with dining place
 1st floor 3 separate bedrooms with colour TV: C1(1DB) with terrace access, C2(1DB), C3(1DB) with terrace access, 1 modern shared bathroom, 1 modern equipped kitchen at your disposal, hall
 Total rooms 3  
 Total places 6  


SB = single bed
DB = double bed (matrimonial)
    A C T I V I T I E S
    - discover farm activities and apiculture, visit do the distillery
    - fun fire, barbecue
    - visit to a traditional smithy and to the trout farm
    - visits to the Bears Cave, to Padis and to the local museum that houses a rich collection of traditional tools and objects
    - visit of the wooden church in Bracet (400 years old)
    - during winter, ski at Vartop-Arieseni
 S P O K E N  F O R E I G N  L A N G U A G E S : English

  R A T E S     C O N T A C T
 Accommodation 7 EUR/person



3 EUR/pers. breakfast
4 EUR/pers. lunch
4 EUR/pers dinner


  Sat CHISCAU nr. 23, comuna PIETROASA
  Jud. BIHOR, cod 417366

 Cell phone: 00 40 (0)740 240 251
00 40 (0)740 003 696 (for GB)
00 40 (0)721 410 346