he Patrahaitesti village is a small mountain hamlet, where tradition has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.
The PETRUSE GUESTHOUSE is a renovated traditional house, separated from the hosts‘ dwelling, located in an area that endows it with a view to be envied to the Curcubata Mica peak and to the Aries river valley, a location that dominates the entire region. The wide space in front of the house offers a special resonance, the long horn (bucium) makes the valley resound and gives the listener shivers of emotion hard to forget. The exterior of the house is covered with shingles, a material often used in this region.
The hosts, like real mountain peasants(moti), have an innate sense of hospitality. Any guest passing their threshold represents for them an escape from daily routine and a contact with the world. 

Places: 10 

Access by car: from the centre of the Arieseni village, drive on about 1 km on the national road DN75 toward Stei, then turn left on a village road 5 km long, following the course of the Valea Steului creek, approx. 2.5 km long (passing the Montana pension). Pass the first crossroads (leave the road to the relay to your right), at the second intersection turn right and follow the road, which will lead you to the PETRUSE GUESTHOUSE.
When there is snow, the road cannot be accessed with normal vehicles!! You can park your car in the valley, and your hosts will pick you up and bring you to the pension, on previous notice, in a horse-drawn sleigh – a unique experience.

    F A C I L I T I E S
    - courtyard, parking facilities, and camping space
    - heating with nice terracotta stoves on wood
    - private farm(cows, horses, pigs, hens)
    - big orchard(about 5000 sq.m.) with apple, pear, and cherry trees
    - outdoor dining place and barbecue
    - pets not accepted


    S T R U C T U R E

2 bedrooms en suite C1(1EXT), C2(1EXT), 1 modern shared bathroom with boiler on wood
 Ground floor 2 bedrooms en suite: C1(1EXT), C2(1DB, colour-TV), dining place, kitchen at the tourists‘ disposal with(1EXT), storeroom
 Total rooms  5  
 Total places 10  


DB = double bed (matrimonial)
EXT = extensible couch
    A C T I V I T I E S
    - discovering farming activities (haymaking, milking etc.)
    - camp fire and barbecue
    - rides in a horse-drawn cart or sleigh
    - gathering berries(bilberries, raspberries, blueberries) and mushrooms
    - participating at distilling the brandy (tuica), with tasting(from tin container)
    - trekking in the area: the Curcubata Mare and Mica peaks, waterfalls, the Garda
 S P O K E N  F O R E I G N  L A N G U A G E S : None

  R A T E S     C O N T A C T
 Accommodation 6 EUR/person inside
3 EUR/day for 2 persons tent



3 EUR/pers. breakfast
4 EUR/pers. lunch
4 EUR/pers dinner


  Sat PATRAHAITESTI nr. 536, comuna ARIESENI
  Jud. ALBA, cod 517054

 Cell phone: 00 40 (0)745 465 916 or
00 40 (0)744 278 219 (Maghiar family, for French)